How Do I Get The Most Cash When Scrapping My Car?

Posted on October 1st, 2014

If you’re car has gotten to the stage where it is considered scrap, then you don’t have to be stuck with it. You can have the vehicle removed at no cost and get some cash before it is out of your yard. Car removal companies in Werribee like Car Wrecker Werribee will offer a free scrap car removal and pay instant cash at the time the vehicle is removed. Car Wrecker Werribee offers the following tips on how to get the most profit from your scrap car removal Werribee.


Steps to get the most profit from your scrap car removal


The first thing to do once you have decided that it is time to get rid of your scrap car is to contact a few car removal companies that are local in the area and request a quote. You will need to be ready to provide them with specific details of your vehicle like the make, model, age, condition and odometer reading of your vehicle and possibly the vehicle identification number. With that, they will offer you a cash quote. Don’t request quotes from companies that may not be legitimate. It will make it much easier when you start to obtain quotes as you simply can take the quote that is the best offer on your scrap car.


Be as descriptive of your vehicle as possible. Don’t just assume that it is worth its weight in steel. Determine what is working on the vehicle and what is not. Not only are parts salvageable, but there are many precious metals in some parts under the hood. Discuss this with the car removal company. You might find that you could make more if you remove some of the parts and scrap them separately. It will require some tools, time, and muscle. If you are the mechanic type, then removing the old parts and selling them separately may bring in a bit more cash. It definitely will not be more convenient, though.


If you have a scrap vehicle that is simply bits and pieces, then the vehicle should be scrapped and recycled. You will need to do a few things. Clear out the car of all your personal belongings. Obviously, scrap cars you aren’t going to polish and shine but have it ready to be sold. The glove box empty, etc.


When you call a car removal company, some may negotiate on a price, others may not. If you find that the offer is quite a bit lower than what you want for the vehicle, then ask the car appraiser how they came up with that price. They should be able to tell you exactly what factors they used to calculate the value of the vehicle. Car Wrecker Werribee is a fair company that calculates scrap vehicles based on various factors like the weight, size, make, model, age, and condition of the vehicle.


Tips to Keep in Mind While Selling Your Junk Car


There are many people that have an old car that they would like to get rid of, but aren’t quite sure what to do with the vehicle. Advertising isn’t too likely to bring in a buyer. Having the vehicle towed to a wrecking yard will cost. It leaves a vehicle owner wondering what to do. Scrapping cars is difficult if you don’t know how to tear an engine / vehicle apart.


If you don’t know how or don’t want to invest the time to scrap your vehicle, then your best choice is to find a car removal company that scrap vehicles. When researching the car removal companies ask the companies if they are their wrecker. The reason for this is the company will be more prone to provide you with a better price on the scrap of your vehicle. They are also more likely to be current with the market value of scrap metals that are always fluctuating.


Do not do business with a car removal company if they do not have a physical address listed on their phone number. This is a sign that the company is not legitimate.


Getting your vehicle scrapped is quite simple these days with the number of car removal companies in Werribee that are wreckers or work closely with a wrecking yard. You’ll also find that most are fairly convenient, offering the vehicle owner the opportunity to choose the time they would like to have their vehicle removed.


If you are interested in scrapping your vehicle, contact Car Wrecker Werribee today.


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