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Have a used car you’d like to sale, but don’t have the time to fix it up or advertise it for sale? Then, give Car Wreckers Werribee a call today. Our car removals are FREE; and, pay INSTANT CASH of up to $9999. No matter what make or model, age or condition, running or not, we pay instant cash.

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We are a car removal company in Werribee that is a fully licenced auto trader and car wrecker. Our team of employees provide excellence from a customer’s first call to the completion of their transaction. We are a team of experts in every way:

  • Car appraisers
  • Car wreckers
  • Car removers

When you want fast and efficient car removals that pay instant cash, give us a call.

We remove much more than used vehicles for FREE, we also offer:

  • Free scrap car removals
  • Free rusted car removals
  • Free damaged car removals
  • Free broken car removals
  • Free accident car removals


Sell Cash for Cars – FREE Car Removals

Selling your unwanted car, takes time. There are repairs to be made, advertising to be done, and buyers to meet. It is a process that is time-consuming and costly. With one call to Car Wreckers Werribee, you eliminate the work and concerns that go along with selling a vehicle. There’s no towing fee, no service fee; just, instant cash at the time we perform your unwanted car removal in Werribee.

We accept all makes of vehicles of any age and condition:

  • Mitsubishi, Acura, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen
  • Nissan, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Chevy, Dodge.
  • Toyota, Mercedes, Subaru, Mazda


Used Truck, Van, 4×4, SUV, Etc.?

Doesn’t matter. We accept any type of junk vehicle, running or not. Our cash for cars system is one that offers instant cash on any type of motor vehicle, running or not:

  • FREE Commercial Vehicle removals
  • FREE Motorcycle removals
  • FREE Ute removals
  • FREE Boat removals
  • FREE Jeep removals
  • FREE 4×4 removals
  • FREE Truck removals
  • FREE Van removals
  • FREE SUV removals

There are no concerns about condition or age; we pay cash on each removal we perform.


We Practice Green Standards with Each Car Removals

With each car removal we perform, we practice green standards. Being environmentally conscious, our practice is to recycle, reuse and resell all the parts, components and metals of the vehicle. Our expert car wreckers are able to offer the best value from each vehicle by dismantling it to the bare bones, recycling and reselling or reusing all parts and components and then crushing the metal f the vehicle into scrap metal. With this system, we can offer the most value on your unwanted car removal in Werribee.


How to Obtain an Offer

When you are ready to obtain a cash offer on your unwanted car removal Werribee get TOP CASH by giving Car Wreckers Werribee a call. We provide fast and easy offers, and schedule convenient car removals.

1. Call us at 0400 331 550
2. Fill out our “Instant Cash Offer” form located on this page. With one call to us, we will make you an instant cash offer.

Our offers are fast and easy as we only require a few details:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Age
  • Condition

There is no obligation in accepting our offer. However, should you accept our sell cars for cash offer, we can set a convenient time for a pickup. Our car wreckers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You just let us know when you’d like us to remove your vehicle, and we’ll be there at no cost.


Why Choose Car Wreckers Werribee

Car Wreckers Werribee is a professional car wrecker that has years of experience in the industry. As a fully licenced auto trader and car wrecker, we have the connections in the industry that make a difference, allowing us to make the high cash offers. We pay up to $9999 instant cash, paid at the time we remove your vehicle. Aside from an established car removal company that pays TOP DOLLAR, we:

  • Offer 24-hour car removals Werribee
  • Pay INSTANT CASH on the spot
  • Offer free CASH FOR CARS offers
  • Service ALL suburbs of Werribee
  • Bring any necessary legal paperwork with usv
  • Fast and efficient car removals

Our professional car removals offer day and night FREE car removals. Just give us a call, and we’ll give you an instant cash offer. Whether one car or a car collection, we pay up to $9999 on each car we remove. We offer Free car removals services in other major cities. In Sydney Free car removals service by Mega & WA Car Removals & Cash For Cars in Perth.


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Scrap, used, junk, accident, broken, damaged or any other condition, we pay cash on your unwanted
car removal. Up to $9999. Our sell cash for cars system is simple. Just give us a call at the number below or complete our “Instant Cash Offer” form located on this page. We will provide you with an instant cash offer.

Call us at 0400 331 550

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  • Reliablity
  • After Hours Car Collection
  • Best Price In Sydney
  • Customer Focused
  • Licensed Cash For Cars Company